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Hooks price reports ahead of the rest

This panel on our home page always scrolls an up-to-date  summary of the most vital information for "Over-the-hooks" sellers ie, current hooks prices and trends. Each small screen gives you a valuable snapshot of prices in one major 'hooks' category. Six categories get shown, three male categories and three female.

The summaries are updated each Friday at 7:00 pm and show the monthly `High', `Low' and `Average' price, plus the most current ('Last') quote and the `Trend'.

The actual market reports from which the summaries are taken show full details of the prices for various specs of cattle, and particularly which `Works' are paying what prices.

While only Cattlefacts members have access to the detailed market reports, we hope you (our guests) find our summaries valuable and they assist your marketing.

We feel confident our summaries will be of interest to you because Cattlefacts market reports regularly show that 5-25 cents more is available than "Industry" hooks reports are reporting. In addition, our reports usually show up significant price rises at least two to four weeks before they are picked up by "Industry" reports. We help to keep you ahead.

You are welcome to come back often to check your price information against the best that Cattlefacts can discover. If you can raise the level of our information, you are welcome to send us details on fax, 07 4942 5207 or Email details to Cattlefacts from here.

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