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Convert saleyard price to "hooks" equivalent and vice versa.
Below, choose your 'Price source', fill the other details, then press
"Convert" to see the equivalent price. It's easy and FREE

Price source:

Saleyard live Hooks dressed

Price to convert:


Number of head:





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     Your Settings   Our defaults

Saleyard Agent's fee:



Saleyard fee:


      $ 3.00 hd

Works Agent's fee:



Total Freight cost to Works:



Total Freight cost to Saleyard:






      3 c/kg

Cattle ave weight in kgs:

   Live  HCW

Extra saleyard costs:

   $/hd  c/kg/Lwt

Extra Works bonuses:

   $/hd  c/kg/Dwt


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Quick Calc Advanced Settings Help About



Calculates flat-rate price-equivalance. Uses default
average saleyard costs, does not consider freight.

   Number of head:

Use a number for cattle all of the same type

   Expected dressing %age:

For assistance with DP's click left label for help

   Price source:

Select either Saleyard or Hooks price to convert

   Actual price:

The actual price you are converting

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Advanced Settings

You can enter settings that replace our defaults.
For registered guest the settings are remembered

  Your Settings  (On the Advanced settings screen)

Saleyard agent's fee:

The %age of sale return your agent charges

   Saleyard (Yard) fee:

Average 'yard' fee per animal in $/hd

   Works agent's fee:

Agent fee if one will handle your 'Hooks' sale

   Total freight to works:

Total freight cost for the number of cattle

   Total freight to saleyard:

Total freight cost for the number of cattle

   Your cattle dressing %age:

For assistance with DP's click the label for help

   1/2 Average penalty:

Average the penalties for missing all the works
specifications. Then use half the average penalty
because normally half of a draft attact a penalty.
Eg: wt 5. + fat 3. + Dent 5.= 13. (ave= 4.3)
Therefore Use half of 4.3, ie 2

      Average Weight in Kgs:

Select either live Wt or carcase Wt (HCW)

   Extra saleyard costs:

Other saleyard costs not already considered

   Extra Works bonuses

Works bonuses not covered. Eg Cattlecare

   Always apply my settings:

Always applies your settings instead of defaults

Our Defaults

These are used if no 'Advanced settings' apply

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CfxSmlBtnNods.gif (1094 bytes) Cattlefacts   PRICE CONVERTER  Dressing Percentages

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If you are in doubt about the dressing percentage of your cattle you can select from the table below with confidence.
The table shows the average and the range of dressing percentage (DP) for cattle in various live weight ranges. From below, choose the sex and live weight range of your cattle then use the appropriate `Ave DP' or another number from within the `Common range'. The table is also a guide to the normal live weight ranges of different classes of cattle.

AVE DRESSING %  of Beef Cattle of Different Live Weights

    Cattle type Live Wt Ave DP Common range
Dressing %age
  Yearlings 340-425 kg 54% 51%-56%  
  Medium Steer & Heifers 340-612 kg 54% 52%-56%  
  Finished Steer & Heifers 520 + kg 53% 51%-56%  
  Heavy steers 600 + kg 53% 50%-56%  
  Bulls 550 + kg 54% 51%-56%  
  Cows (light cond) 300-450 kg 46% 44%-50%  
  Cows (medium cond) 300-450 kg 48% 46%-52%  
  Cows (medium cond) 380-530 kg 50% 47%-53%  
  Cows (fat cond) 455 + kg 51% 49%-54%  

           DP= Average Dressing Percentage

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Quick Calc Advanced Settings Help About


About this converter
Cattlefacts has designed this calculator to let you quickly and easily convert between saleyard and hooks prices, or vice versa. You can 'QuickCalc' in using our standard settings or go into more detail with 'Advanced Settings'. Either way you will get a valuable result. You can even  Bookmark this calculator for direct access from your browser.

QuickCalc: You need to go no further than this opening screen to make reliable no-hassle conversions. With minimal input from you, it calculates the `other' price equivalent (no freight considered). By default, QuickCalc uses average background settings in a conversion. However, you can have complete control over the conversion settings by going to the Advanced Settings screen.

Advanced Settings: This is where you can override our default settings and enter new ones of your own for QuickCalc to use. Advanced settings gives you extensive control over all the likely costs or bonuses you may want to include in your conversion. If you are a Logged-on Registered Guest, don't forget to tick the `Save' box in the advanced settings screen before you leave and your last settings will be remembered on your subsequent visits.
Unregistered guests: Unfortunately your settings will revert to defaults on each new visit.

Never Undersell again:
Cattlefacts "Price Converter" makes it easy for you to compare sale values any time you like. You need never undersell again...Good luck!

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