Cattle prices on rise again (20/4/01)

Continuing strong beef demand in our export markets and relatively tighter supplies of cattle in the USA, Japan and Australia bode well for a continued strong cattle market plus periods of yet higher prices for Australian cattlemen.  Top Jap ox prices leapt to $3.20 kg (works) and $1.78 (saleyards) late last week after a several weeks at lower levels. Heavy cows can be sold to a record breaking $3.10 (works) but the stars are domestic weight 2 tooth steers and heifers (to 300 kg dressed)  to an amazing $3.30 and $3.25 respectively (works Brisbane). Tip: By the third quarter of this year, prices paid for store breeders and young cattle should surprise even the most optimistic punters. You can see a price summary of all the major works categories on our home page at Members can see the full price details on the web in the 'Members' market reports section (take the appropriate button on the home page).

THE BOOM IN PERSPECTIVE: The current "boom" in cattle prices is indeed a heady time we should all enjoy and hopefully prosper from while it lasts. From present trends, Cattlefacts expects market strength would normally extend well into 2002. Some push it out as far as 2004 but let's get into 2002 first.

Our December 2000 projection forecast cattle prices would increase an average 6% this year over year 2000 highs. That would see 4 tooth Jap ox to around $3.30-$3.35. Based on current prices, that expectation is still firm. Especially when you consider that we anticipate market forces could deliver another strong upward push on cattle prices between July and September 2001.

Recent years of 4%+ economic growth have fuelled the current high demand for beef that we presently enjoy. As well, our low Australian dollar is adding strength to the attractiveness of our exports.

Taken together, these are important fuel for the present market glow. However, the underlying driver of the current buoyant market remains the fundamental of the US Cattle cycle. Like the so-called "Recession we had to have" present high prices are the "Price boom we had to have". Strong consumer demand and weak exchange rates just act like superchargers. They are not the main game.

If you would like to see a useful picture of the boom and bust nature of the "US Cattle Cycle" and how our cattle price fortunes are so closely linked with it, see our article at . We would be happy to have your comments about it at

Cattlefacts pages now load faster (21/4/01)

You should find Cattlefacts web pages now load faster (generally) since we moved our web site to a quicker web server. The speedier service should bring an improvement for regular users of our popular "Cattletrader" and "CattleLinks" services. Both of these large data pages always require heavy duty processing and should now load faster.
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New look Cattletrader entry form: (24/4/01)

Next time you use the Cattletrader listing form you will notice it has undergone some major restructuring as a result of suggestions by our valued clients. As a result we trust you will find it easier to use and simpler to navigate.

  • The most important improvement is that you can now Upload a photo to publish in your Cattletrader listing directly off your computer when you list. Find details next article
  • Also, the comments box, which doubles as a place to type a photo caption, has been enlarged and moved to a prominent place in the middle of the form. It's now easy to find and much easier to use.
  • The contact fields used to hold address information have all been moved to the very bottom of the form- out of the way. Mainly because most of Cattletrader's users are already registered guests who log on before using it. As a result these fields are automatically filled in for them.
  • Most of the colour in the original form has been replaced with a plain background to make the form easier to read.

We would be delighted to receive your feedback  on what you think of the new Cattletrader form and its new features. Or any suggestions you might have.

Upload Photos directly into Cattletrader FREE (21/4/01)

A new feature recently added to our CattleTrader listing service allows you to immediately publish a photo into your CattleTrader listing- right off your own computer & it's FREE. Photos published in livestock listings increase interest in them by at lease 500%. So, now its easy to lift your cattle marketing efforts a couple of notches. All you need is the scanned photo file to be somewhere on your hard drive and this new feature makes publishing it a snap- at the same time that you make your listing.

This puts you in complete control of the whole listing process and makes your photo immediately visible in your listing. It means you no longer have to email your photo file to us or wait for us to attach it to your CattleTrader listing. Nevertheless, If you don't have a scanned photo, you can post us the original photo for us to scan. (Note: Posted photos attract a $20 scanning and return fee and we'll email you the scanned file for your future use).

Many cattlemen are beginning to store scanned images of their stock on their computers for any number of reasons and some are beginning to use the new digital cameras which take photos as a digital file straight up. Either way this new CattleTrader 'photo-Upload' feature is made for your convenience and helps keep you on the leading edge of cattle marketing success. 

Quick-loading home page- option (22/4/01)

You now have the option of using a faster loading Cattlefacts home page which opens in less than half the time of the standard 'bells & whistles' version. This is part of our continuing effort to chip away at the frustration of slower Internet access in the bush.

While the new 'Text-only' quick-loading home page does not have the colourful buttons and banners of the standard one, it is still attractive and easily navigated. Most importantly, it will be a frustration buster if your web access times are normally poor. The best way to open it for bookmarking is to go to our standard home page first. Then click the 'FAST-LOADING' link which you will find at the bottom of the menu bars on the left side of the page. When the new home page opens, 'Bookmark' or add it to your favourites. Now you will have the alternative of starting from either the quick-loading or the standard graphic home page.

Low advertising rates- be quick! (24/4/01) 

If you have an important message you want to put in front of the cattle industry on the web, our new advertising rates are probably what you have been looking for. From between $20-$85 per month, depending on the Ad size and duration, they are a positive give-away you won't want to miss.  See details here

Because there are a limited number of Ad spots on our web site, availability is on a first come first served basis and booking ahead is recommended. If you have an event, sale or product to promote down the track, hop in and book the space now for the month(s) in question. These cheap ad rates are a bit like cheap air fares, they run out quickly.

Being seen in web advertising ensures you are talked about (isn't that what it's all about?), especially at these give-away rates. You can email us your Ad at the correct size (150w x 60h pixels) or we can produce a professional banner Ad for you at a small cost. We'll email the finished Ad so you can use it elsewhere if you wish.

Exclusive preview offer to Registered Guests:
Because you are a registered guest on the Cattlefacts web site ( our most valued web visitors), we are giving you a months exclusive access to these cheap new rates before they become public. Here's the private URL for you to check out details . From the end of May, these great new rates will become a normal part of our web site and available to all our visitors.

Link yourself on CattleLinks (24/4/01)

Our CattleLinks directory is a popular place to leave your contact details so that others can easily find you. This is another FREE Cattlefacts service you can do yourself on-line any time. The link you make promotes your business for you on-line all the time.

Recently some guests advised us that the "Leave Your Link / Be seen" button on the CattleLinks page was operating unreliably and they couldn't enter their link details by using it. We apologise for the inconvenience and are happy to report that this button has now been replaced with a perfectly reliable one. It's the two tone blue button labelled "Leave Your Link / Be seen" near top centre of the CattleLinks screen.

If you couldn't enter your link before, you will be successful when you try again. If you are a 'registered' guest with Cattlefacts, just remember to logon before you make your link. Logging on first always helps you. If you are not a registered guest then just go ahead and make your link, you are given the option to register automatically when you save the link.

CattleTrader cow/calf selection a special case (24/4/01)

Whenever you make a buy or sell entry in Cattletrader you will notice the entry form 'Requires' that you select a weight range before it will let you 'submit' the entry. This normally applies even when you select cows.

However, if you also select a preg status for those cows that includes a calf, then a weight range is no longer 'required' before you can submit the form. Makes sense doesn't it? because weight range doesn't apply to a cow/calf unit.


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