..could be Unsubscribed from Cattlefacts

Guests who have registered on the Cattlefacts web site to receive our 'Email Market Newsletters' via a Hotmail email address could be 'Unsubscribed' from receiving our newsletters and other emails due to the following reason.

Cattlefacts Market Newsletters emailed to "Hotmail" address are being consistently returned to us undelivered with the following, or similar, message -

EMAIL RETURN MESSAGE: "The message is larger than the current system limit or the recipient's mailbox is full. Create a shorter message body or remove attachments and try sending it again". Or- "Mailbox unavailable".

Cattlefacts "Market Newsletters" are normally of moderate size to accommodate the quality of market information and the convenience of format that our readers demand. They are seldom less than 150k and in the future may be up to 250k in size. This is not large by today's standards.

Some email providers like 'Hotmail' may not support email of this size or they may reject our Market Report emails for other reasons. Unfortunately, these returns clog our mail dispatch system and WILL BE UNSUBSCRIBED.

If you have been "Unsubscribed" from our email system
but want to be sure to continue to receive Cattlefacts "Market Newsletters" you might like to investigate the following options:

  Check for limits imposed by your mail service and alter if possible.
  Clear your mailbox more regularly.
  Use an anti-spam filter to filter out known junk mail.
  "Authorise" Cattlefacts on any spam filter you use.
  Change you mail server to one without a size restriction.

Then -Re-subscribe yourself- see below

How you are "Unsubscribed":
In your Cattlefacts registration form, the box labled "Email Me Market Reports" is unticked.

How to Re-subscribe to market newsletters: &
How to change your email address on Cattlefacts:

First logon on the Cattlefacts home page. If you have forgotten your logon password, first click here. After you have logged on and see the 'after logon' confirmation screen, take the link on it that says "Edit my Registration details..." Then on the registration form that appears, make your changes and "Submit" the Registration again. That's all.

This is just a courtesy advice. Cattlefacts Market Newsletters are highly valued by many cattle producers and we value your participation with Cattlefacts market intelligence. If we can be of any further assistance in this regard, please contact me.

Brian Herne
Australian Cattlefacts
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