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Australian Cattlefacts
Cattlefacts Membership
" C A T T L E M E N     W O R K I N G     F O R     C A T T L E M E N "


CfxBtnCirc1.gif (1591 bytes) What Members do
When members make a cattle sale or receive an offer, they confidentially fax that information into the cattlefacts network. Every day Cattlefacts sorts this faxed information into up-to-date, accurate market reports. This means that on any day, all members can see what various buyers in different markets are REALLY paying for cattle. It's often much better than some 'public' reports suggest. Seeing what others are receiving can increase your bargaining power and widen your selling options. That means increased profits.

CfxBtnCirc1.gif (1591 bytes) Why become a member?
1. More profits, less underselling
The ultimate goal of Cattlefacts market reports is to improve member's sale returns by an average $15/hd or more. By using a combination of our detailed market reports, email price summaries and outlook reports, members have achieved much more than this on individual sales. These days, whether you sold last week or sell next week can mean 15c/kg more or less per head. That's $30-$50/hd. Cattlefacts reports help you get the timing right.

2. You see competitive "hooks" reports
Only "active" Cattlefacts members have access to our detailed market reports that compare real works prices between buyers for all types of cattle. These real slaughter prices are often 5-25 cents/kg better than you will see in some "public" market reports or that you may be aware of. That can amount to between $10-$75 a head more than you may be aware of.
See report examples here

3. "Outlook" reports let you see ahead in time
Cattlefacts market outlook reports are one of our most valued products. They let you see what is driving prices and where prices are likely to be heading.. Months or years before they get there. These reports translate overseas and domestic beef situations to an easily digested "Outlook". They can positively contribute to your management, production and turnoff plans months and years ahead. Your bank balance and cashflow are the winners.

4. Regular market newsletters by e-mail- plus
Active Cattlefacts Members receive an information packed "Market Views" newsletter by email, weekly and some times up to three times weekly when rates change quickly. The newsletter delivers members a valuable comparison of actual OTH rates and short term market prospects. This helps members make the most profitable selling decisions.

Each newsletter also contains dozens of interesting 'browse or click' links. For example: Excerpts and links for the latest news, both international and domestic. Browse the brief summary in your email or click it for full details. There are also summaries and links to the latest 'CattleTrades', 'Events' and 'Classifieds' for your interest.

Keeping up with latest prices, trends and developments doesn't get any easier than receiving our "Market Views" emails.

Examples: Members-only market reports
Example: Outlook report samples (link here)

CfxBtnCirc1.gif (1591 bytes) Membership is confidential
Cattlefacts maintains a high level of confidentiality for members through the use of PIN numbers on our fax service and Username/Password on the Web. Members names are never seen, used or reported in our market reports.
Put simply, this means that no one will ever know you are a member of Cattlefacts unless you choose to tell them yourself.
We ensure that any information you send Cattlefacts never appears in a way that can connect it to you.
By comparison, full details about buyers, their transactions and their offers are reported for your advantage.

CfxBtnCirc1.gif (1591 bytes) Membership Eligibility
Cattlefacts is a "Producer" market intelligence organisation. Under the 'Trade Practices Act' our membership and the distribution of our key "Over The Hooks" market reports are restricted to bona fide cattlemen and women. Click here to see details of membership eligibility.
Nevertheless, many of Cattlefacts' facilities, eg., Cattletrader and Classifieds,  are publicly available to both members and non-members.

CfxBtnCirc1.gif (1591 bytes) Who are Members?
Cattle properties of all sizes are Cattlefacts members. Their interests range from store or slaughter production to live exports. Herd sizes range from under 400 head to over 30,000 head of every  cattle type. Whether large or small, and regardless of where they live, all members share exactly the same Cattlefacts market intelligence and facilities.
NOTE: Non-members please note that registering as a guest on this web site does not make you a Cattlefacts member.

CfxBtnCirc1.gif (1591 bytes) How to Join and become a Member
The first step in becoming a Cattlefacts member is to fill out a Membership Application form, available here.  After your application has been checked and approved (during a business day), you will receive an acceptance email or letter. Among other information it will contain a record of your personal PIN number, confirmation of your Username and Password, and your membership status details and entitlements.

CfxBtnCirc1.gif (1591 bytes) The costs of membership
Because Cattlefacts is a totally self funded producer activity (and completely unsubsidised) its development and operating costs are shared equitably by ALL its members. All members have paid a standard once-only membership fee on joining. Aditionally, they each pay a sliding scale "Annual User" fee to access market reports and use services. Click here to see details of membership costs and benefits.

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