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Annual Usage & Membership costs
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Active User Fee

Cattlefacts members pay an "Active User" fee (which is separate from the once-only Membership fee)  to use Cattlefacts services in any year. The Active User fee applies to a whole financial year and is calculated on a sliding scale based on your total herd numbers (See table below).

In some years a member may not need to use Cattlefacts (property sale or extended drought are examples). Members who choose not to pay their Active User fee for any year still remain members, they just loose access to market reports and free services for that year.

In any year, members can acrew credits that are deducted from their next Active User fee. These credits can reduce their Active User fee substantially. Credits can be gained by both new and established members.

Credits and concessions on 'Active User' fee:

  • NEW MEMBERS (All the following discounts are cumulative)
  1. New Members automatically get 50% concession (discount) off their first year's 'Active User' fee if they are a Registered guest on this site. In subsequent years they pay their normal Active User fee, less any credits they accumulate.
  2. All new Members (regardless of whether they are registered on this site) pay only a pro-rata first year 'Active User' fee. eg., if you joined in October you would pay 75% (ie, for 9 out of the 12 month financial year) of your first 'Active User' fee.
  3. A New Members who writes the name of an existing Cattlefacts member on his Membership application form, as the person who referrer him, is discounted 20% off his first year's Active User fee.

To check the scale of "Active User" fees, see the table below.
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  • EXISTING-MEMBERS (All the following concessions are cumulative)
  1. Every new-membership application received with your name on it as the referrer gains you 20% credit off your next year's Active User fee. Accumulating five of these credits in any year will effectively mean you use Cattlefacts the following year, free. It is worth emphasising that the new-member you refer also gets 20% credit off their next Active User fee.
  2. Every time a member sends Cattlefacts details of a recent cattle sale (this is usually done on our standard "Transaction Advice Form" either on the Web or by fax), the member's next year's Active User fee is automatically credited $2.00.  Every 'Grid' faxed in attracts a $3.00 credit. Some members annually accumulate credits of $40 To $75 in this way.

Fees and benefits of using Cattlefacts:

Active User fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on your total herd numbers and apply to a whole financial year. Being totally producer funded, Cattlefacts needs to set fees for its service. However we suggest the financial benefits of using Cattlefacts far outweigh its costs (see details below). Active Cattlefacts Users should expect to make at least an extra 5 c/kg benefit or saving from using our services and information.
Cattlefacts ACTIVE USER FEES and EXPECTED BENEFITS are listed in the Table below. 

Remember! New members are discounted at least a 50 %
Calculate your Active User fee* & benefits
Per Hd.
Sale Offset
Per Hd.
Herd Offset
Up to 500 hd $165 $2,167 99 c/hd 33 c/hd
500-1000 hd $270 $4,334 81 c/hd 27 c/hd
1000 1500 hd $375 $6,500 75 c/hd 25 c/hd
2000 hd $400 $8,658 60 c/hd 20 c/hd
2500 hd $425 $10,829 50 c/hd 17 c/hd
3000 hd $450 $15,158 45 c/hd 15 c/hd
4000 hd $500 $17,329 37 c/hd 12.5 c/hd
5000 hd $550 $19,500 33 c/hd 11 c/hd
6000 hd $600 $26,000 30 c/hd 10 c/hd
7000 hd $650 $30,329 28 c/hd 9.3 c/hd
8000 hd $700 $34,658 26 c/hd 8.7 c/hd
9000 hd $750 $39,000 25 c/hd 8.3 c/hd
10,000 hd $800 $43,329 24c 8c
12,000 hd $900 $52,000 23c 7.5c
15,000 hd $1,050 $65,000 21c 7c
20,000 hd $1,300 $86,650 20c 6.5c
  • YOUR HERD SIZE: The number of cattle on your property in a year, including calves.
  • ACTIVE USER FEE: The annual fee to access Cattlefacts market reports and free services.
  • EXPECTED BENEFITS: The additional financial benefit we estimate you will have by taking advantage of Cattlefacts market reports and services. There are several ways to extimate this amount but we use the following standard calculation. (Selling a third of the herd each year at 260 kg, either live wt or dressed wt., for an improved price of 5 c/kg, ie an extra $13/hd.)

    You could make any reasonable alternative calculation based on your selling patterns. Eg., you could say that you will sell only one fifth of your herd at 260 kg weight for a 2 c/kg improvement, not 5 cents. In this case, the benefit would calculate as $5.20/hd., not $13/hd as Cattlefacts suggests. However, this lesser benefit would still represent 4 times the Active User fee. That's still good value while staying on top of your marketing.
  • PER HD SALE OFFSET: The amount the Active User fee costs you in relation to each head sold.
  • PER HD HERD OFFEST: The amount the Active User fee costs you in relation to each head you own.

Note: To calculate the exact "Active User" fee for herds over 1,500 hd simply add $5 per 100 head.
          * GST is added to the above "Active User Fees".

Once-Only Membership fee (Joining fee)

To become a member of Cattlefacts, you make a membership application and pay a once-only Membership (joining) fee.  The membership fee is paid only on initial joining (not each year) and is presently a standard $379.50 (Inc GST) regardless of the number of head of cattle owned. To make a Membership Application Click Here

There are no concessions on payment of the once-only membership fee. However there can be significant credits or discounts on the annual "Active User fee". See top of page for details.

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