A b o u t   C a t t l e f a c t s

Cattlefacts is a market intelligence network of around 300 member cattle properties in Qld & northern NSW. The network generates market reports and forecasts that help members make more money when they sell cattle and helps them to avoid underselling livestock.

Operation is simple. Members confidentially fax their quote or sale info into the network. This is turned into daily detailed price reports for 'OTH' and live weight trading. Members receive a weekly market email and can access detailed price reports and news daily on the web.

In addition Cattlefacts provides members with forward market projections ("Outlook" reports up to 3 years ahead), and a range of free marketing tools for listing sale cattle and events.

Cattlefacts has been entirely developed by 12 cattlemen Advocates, their funds and member-property fees since its conception in 1991.







W h y  B e c o m e  a  M e m b e r ?

Cattlefacts market reports aim to improve your average sale return by $15/hd or more but members achieve much more on individual sales. These days, selling last week or next week can mean 15c/kg ($30 - $50/hd) more or less.Cattlefacts reports help you get the timing right.

Making the most profitable selling decision requires quality information. In addition to detailed OTH reports, our information packed, weekly "Market Views" newsletter compares actual OTH rates from various buyers and discusses short term market prospects. It includes dozens of summaries and links to the latest domestic and international  beef news, 'CattleTrades', 'Events' and 'Classifieds'. (See later examples)

Keeping up with latest prices, trends and developments doesn't get easier than automatically receiving our "Market Views" in your email.







"O u t l o o k"   t o  3  Y e a r s  A h e a d

Members say Cattlefacts "Outlook" reports are one of our most valued products. Outlook examines market prospects up to three years out.

These reports translates the complex interaction of supply, demand, seasons and cycles into an easily digested "Outlook". You see what is driving markets here and overseas and where cattle prices are heading... Months to years before they get there.

Members say Cattlefacts "Outlook" reports contribute to their future management, production and turnoff plans and positively go to their bottom line. That's why our motto says "CATTLEFACTS: It's what tomorrow's cattlemen are doing today".







H o w   C a t t l e f a c t s   w o r k s

INPUT: The Cattlefacts network acts like a market intelligence cooperative. Active members fax in their buyer quotes or sales information as it happens. That is a membership obligation.

OUTPUT: Daily the network turns this data into detailed 'hooks' and liveweight reports comparing quotes and sales from various buyers. This means on any day, all members can see what various buyers in different markets are REALLY paying for cattle. INSTANT EMAILS: Active members also receive an emailed newsletter (up to 3 times weekly) detailing price changes and comparing the competition- as changes occur. 

Members have 24 hr access to market reports via the web with a password and on poll fax with their PIN. They use these reports to benchmark offers they receive, maximise their sale returns, see wider selling opportunities and to avoid underselling.







A b o u t   M e m b e r s h i p

Member properties are of all sizes. From under 400 head to over 20,000 head and every type of production. All members share exactly the same Cattlefacts market intelligence and facilities.

Cattlefacts maintains a high level of confidentiality by the use of PIN numbers or passwords for members. As well, members names never appear in market reports which show only sale details. This means no one will know you are a member unless you choose to tell them.

All members pay a once-only lifetime membership (joining) fee, presently $379.50. In addition, they pay an optional annual "Active User" fee (based on herd size) in any year they use Cattlefacts. Membership is restricted to cattlemen only under the TPA. Cattle buyers and agents and their principals and employees are inelligible.







M e m b e r s h i p   c o s t

All new members pay a flat once-only "joining" fee ($379.50 inc) and an annual, sliding scale, "Active User" fee in their first year. Only the Active User fee is paid in any future year of using the network. In the current promotion new members are discounted 62% off their Active User fee.

For example:   Herd size After Discount Normal User fee
Up to 500 hd $62.70 $165
500-1000 hd $102.60 $270
1000 1500 hd $142.50 $375
4000 hd $190.00 $500
10,000 hd $304.00 $800

Use the network immediately you join and be invoiced for your dicounted User fee in two months. Click here for full fee table.







Discounted by 62% Active User fees
  Herd size. After Discount*   Normal fee   Exp benefit   Per Hd Offset
Up to 500 hd $62.70 $165 $2,167 33 c/hd
500-1000 hd $102.60 $270 $4,334 27 c/hd
1000 1500 hd $142.50 $375 $6,500 25 c/hd
2000 hd $152.00 $400 $8,658 20 c/hd
3000 hd $171.00 $450 $15,158 15 c/hd
4000 hd $190.00 $500 $17,329 12.5 c/hd
5000 hd $209.00 $550 $19,500 11 c/hd
6000 hd $228.00 $600 $26,000 10 c/hd
7000 hd $247.00 $650 $30,329 9.3 c/hd
8000 hd $266.00 $700 $34,658 8.7 c/hd
10,000 hd $304.00 $800 $43,329 8c
12,000 hd $342.00 $900 $52,000 7.5c
15,000 hd $399.00 $1,050 $65,000 7c
* Plus 10% GST
Exp benefit: The benefit if Cattlefacts saves or makes you $15 per/hd sold.
Per Hd Offset:
The Active User fee per/hd spread over the whole herd.   Back