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CattleTrader: Free National Cattle Trading

"CattleTrader" can greatly improve your buying and selling opportunities. It is the place to list details of cattle you wish to buy or sell on the "Internet" marketplace. It's a FREE service for cattlemen, meatworks, agents and feedlots. In fact any Cattle trader.

"CattleTrader" is produced by the cattlemen owned market intelligence network Cattlefacts. It has been designed especially for use by cattlemen, livestock agents and cattle buyers to allow them to fully describe cattle of any type- commercial, stud or dairy. There is even an optional area where meatworks buyers can describe the carcase targets of cattle they seek to buy.

There are NO fees or commissions for listing in "CattleTrader" or for any transactions that may result, since buyers and sellers make their own transaction arrangements. "CattleTrader" merely provides the opportunity for them to come together.

Among the benefits of making a "CattleTrader" listing is that it works for you 24-hrs and is national. In fact for those to whom it matters, "CattleTrader" is international. Your potential customers, who could be anywhere in the State or nation, can contact you directly in a number of ways like an instant email or a more traditional phone call.

Advanced feature for high impact promotion:

Among the advanced FREE features of "CattleTrader" is one that allows EU accredited properties to highlight their listings with a BLUE DOT. This makes "CattleTrader" a special marketplace where these types of sellers and buyers can instantly identify each other.

Those keen to make a big impact, can upload a scanned photo of their cattle into their Cattletrader listing as they make the listing or at any time later. The photo is displayed alongside listing details giving the listing greater attraction and impact. The presence of a photo in your listing is flagged by this photo icon, , in the listings summary page.

The list of features in Cattletrader that satisfy all types of cattle buyers and sellers is too numerous to detail here but two important ones are- confidentiality and control. YOU have total control on your own listing, via your own computer. You can change them, cancel them or even re-list them whenever it takes your fancy, but no one else can. To ensure that 'forgotten' listings do not clutter up the service, all listings automatically lapse after two weeks but you can always re-list them anytime before their expiry date.

For the first time, "CattleTrader" opens up the potential for cattle buyers, livestock agents and cattlemen to all interact on the same trading forum. This interaction of market interests could be extremely valuable to both buyers and sellers.

Regardless of the type of buyer or seller you are, making a "CattleTrader" listing is always easy because the listing form allows you to choose from many already-catalogued details.

Cattlefacts' "CattleTrader" has added a new dimension to cattle trading Australia-wide. This innovative, easy to use trading system expands buy/sell opportunities beyond simple classified systems into a specialist service for serious cattle traders. It is intended to be a trading forum to benefit all players in the cattle market. Best of all, getting yourself a "CattleTrader" benefit is free.

With the introduction of "CattleTrader", looking for potential buyers or sellers of cattle is now easy, convenient, widely accessible and FREE.

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