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monitor1.gif (3144 bytes)Increasing screen resolution
(A minimum of 800 x 600 is good but 1024 x 768 is brilliant)

To Reduce Text Size

The viewing problem:
If a page seems to have disappeared past the right hand side of your screen no matter how much you scroll right,  then it could be that your screen's resolution is too low for the page you are trying to view. Increasing your screen resolutiuon to 800 x 600 pixels should fix the problem and is easy to do. As a bonus, your computer screen will appear crisper, cleaner and more colourful with the new higher screen resolution.

If you are able to set your screen resolution to the next level up (1024 x 768) you will have an even more pleasurable viewing experience of most web sites. Besides increased image crispness, on-screen pages will no longer seem to be "in your face". Viewing will be more comfortable. More like reading a magazine at arms length than reading a billboard at two metres.

How to change your screen resolution

Step 1:
On your computer's main screen (not in an application window)
click you RIGHT mouse button to bring up the menu below:

scrnpropty0.gif (5897 bytes) Step 2
On the properties selection of this menu, click your LEFT mouse button.
This will bring up the 'Properties' dialoge box below.

Step 3
On the 'Display Properties' dialogue box below click the 'Settings' tab,
on the right, with your LEFT mouse button.

scrnpropty1.gif (22932 bytes)

After pressing the settings tab in the previous dialogue, the following
screen properties box will appear as below.

scrnpropty2.gif (27046 bytes) Step 4
In the 'Desktop Area' of the box opposite move the slider to show a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, or better.

To make this new resolution 'stick', press the "Apply" button at the bottom of the box then the "OK" button.

You can always change the resolution back at a later time by repeating the steps above but you can leave these settings in place if you like them.

To Reduce Text Size

Reducing the text size displayed in your browser can also improve the look of your screen and its 'viewability'. It's easily reversable and you can do it as follows on Internet Explorer (IE):

On the menu bar at the top of your browser click 'View' and a drop down menu appears. From the menu click 'Text size' and another menu appears. From this menu choose either the 'Smaller' or 'Smallest' setting.