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Young cattle prices trend down
(Monday, 29 June 2020 - Beef Central)

MOST young cattle categories trended down in price on AuctionsPlus this week, where numbers offered jumped by almost 5000 head to 19,361 head. Southern QLD dominated the purchasing, securing 2491 head, followed by Central Western NSW with 1943 head. Another highlight for the week from Katherine, NT, was the Hayfield Station Brahman steers & heifers which attracted interest from NSW and NT bidders. In total 28 decks of heifers 18-24 months averaging 262kg, totalling 942 head, sold as future breeders to NW NSW for $850-$860, and 16 decks of steers 12-18 months totalling 544 head made 353c when bought by an NT-based buyer. PTIC cows this week sold from $1410 to $2690 to average $1935, back $117 on last week.



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