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Live exporters chairman stepping down
(Friday, 30 May 2014 - ABC News)

The chairman of the Australian Livestock Exporters' Council (ALEC) has decided to step down from the role.

Peter Kane has been in the top job since 2010 and will officially call it quits after the council's AGM in October.

He has chaired ALEC during one of its most difficult periods, spending a lot of time in damage control, being a voice for industry in the animal welfare debate, and overseeing the rollout of ESCAS - the world's first animal welfare assurance system for exported animals.

"I virtually landed in the chairman's role only months before 'A Bloody Business' hit our TV screens and jumped into a baptism of fire, while traversing the public furore created by that story, the impact of the Indonesian ban and the subsequent overhaul of the trade's mode of operation," he said.

"It is testament to the tenacity and guts of exporters and their customers that the trade has rebounded as it has and with animal welfare assurance firmly entrenched as the backbone of industry operations."

Speaking to ABC Rural, Mr Kane says ESCAS is still in its infancy and the next chairman will continue to guide the industry through ongoing animal welfare improvements and investment to shore up supply chains.

"But there's more to the industry than that, one of the big challenges for the incoming chair is to continue to provide the framework for the industry to grow.

"If you go back six or seven years, Australia was exporting four to five million animals, and that's come back to about three million a year.

"So we've set ourselves a target of considerably improving on the current exporter numbers and that's an important thing for the new chair to assist."

Mr Kane says he'll be taking a break before deciding what occupation he'll pursue next.



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