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Beefing up global consumer markets
(Friday, 30 May 2014 - ABC News)

The Australian beef industry has a growing advantage in the global market place as more consumers look for 'safe' products.

Speaking at a Beef Producer Forum in Adelaide, Meat and Livestock Australia's Global Marketing Manager, Steve Edwards says the idea that global consumer groups want very different things is a myth.

But he says there are some differences between developing and developed markets.

"In developing markets like China, South East Asia and the Middle East we see that people are really interested in food safety," Mr Edwards said.

"They want to know where their product comes from and they want to know that it's safe.

"That's were Australia's beef comes in because it is internationally recognised as being a very good, safe product."

But he says in developed markets, like the United States, safety becomes a secondary marketing message.

"The main message is the quality of the product and the flavour of the product which we promote," he says.

"But that safety issue is still there."

Mr Edwards says while global consumption of beef is flattening out, more consumers look to it as a "superior protein" and that's where demand lies.

"When you look at China for instance, when they've got a little bit of expendable money they want to eat better," he says.

"And when they want to eat better they don't want to eat chicken and pork, they want to eat better protein like beef."



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