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Ad sizes and rates:

star_sml.gif (913 bytes) More than 52 times the value of newspaper or magazine advertising
    Yearly:  For the price of a weekly, black & white, newspaper Ad you get colourful,
high impact, national exposure' every day for a full year on Cattlefacts.
Monthly:High impact monthly exposure for a sixth the cost of a weekly print Ad.

Size A: (150 x 60) pixels Rate:  *(Excluding production cost)


           150 PixelsCattletrader logo
  Mthly amount (+ gst) Total
1 mth......   $85 p/mth ................ $85
3 mths.....   $70 p/mth ................ $210
6 mths.....   $55 p/mth ................ $330
12 mths...   $45 p/mth ................ $540

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Rotation viewing: Ads are presented in rotation at 4 second intervals. Rotating Ads work harder for you because rotation makes them more eye catching and draws attention to their message.

Size B: (150 x 30) pixels Rate: *(Excluding production cost)


            150 PixelsAd size= 30 high x 150 wide (Pixels)
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  Mthly amount (+ gst) Total
1 mth......   $50 p/mth ................ $50
3 mths.....   $40 p/mth ................ $120
6 mths.....   $30 p/mth ................ $180
12 mths...   $20 p/mth ................ $240

* Production cost: Ads you require us to build will attract a production fee of $49.50 inc (text only Ads) $69.30 inc (text + 1 photo Ads). The Ad then becomes your property to use anywhere. We email you a copy if required. Complete Ads that you send us by e-mail attachment DO NOT incur a production fee.

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Cattlelink logo
The one directory where anyone in the
cattle industry should find everyone.

"Wallton Downs" CLERMONT, Australia
Email: Ph:07 4985 6168
Bon Wall:
Produces a restricted number of quiet, straight red, 
Brahman bulls of predominantly "Wairuna Aristocrat" 
blood lines.  Have been breeding Wairuna blood reds  
since 1970 from the foundation herd (Stud No. 62) 
started by Norman Wall in 1948. 
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